10 Years of the Academy of Understanding 

Human knowledge that makes all the difference

You want to communicate and collaborate more effectively to grow in your role as a professional. You already have a lot to offer but you want to further develop your interpersonal skills.

This practical and experiential Master Course offers a unique enrichment of your repertoire in communication and leadership. Which makes it the perfect next step on your career path.

De Master Course Awareness – Purpose – Leadership allows you to:

  • Get to know and develop your own leadership style
  • Be more conscious in your communication
  • Quickly and easily connect with the most diverse people
  • Deliver your own message so that everyone feels addressed
  • Motivate diverse groups of people to come to action
  • Clearly communicate your goals
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Recognize emotions in the workplace and be able to address them
  • Use coaching skills effectively (think about developing a better listening technique, asking questions more effectively, connecting, monitoring structure in a conversation, stimulating other people’s motivation and self-reliance)

With the Code of Understanding you have a unique and proven effective set of insights and instruments at your disposal. Ones that enable you to communicate and collaborate constructively with everyone. And that is something that you will enjoy for your entire life.



The program

Module 1 – Who am I and who do I want to be a as leader? (2 days)

In this module, you learn your own style of leadership through the Code of Understanding and the phenomenon of four-voice options in communications and collaboration. You become aware of your motivation, preferences, and pitfalls and the way in which you can optimally deal with them. And you get started with basic coaching and conversation skills.

Module 2 – Coaching skills (2 days)

In this module, you will deepen and experience your coaching skills. You will practice coaching conversations where you will receive feedback. You will be given various tools that you can use in practice to make better connections, to find the essence, to solve dilemmas together, and to make difficult subjects easily discussable..

Module 3 – Dynamics in relationships (2 days)

In this module, you learn about dynamics and interactions in relationships. What can arise in stressful situations, how to convert resistance into motivation, how to create trust, and how you can implement coaching here. 


For who: young professionals who want to take a serious step in their development

Participants: maximum is 12 people per group

Time investment: 6 days, split into blocks of 2 days

Follow up: 12 month

Costs: starting at €3,500 excluding tax, arrangement costs, and if applicable, overnight costs


Mayleen de Hoog – Co-Founder of the Academy of Understanding, trainer and coach

Annemarie Snoeck – Professional Certified Coach and ICF Mentor coach, trainer


Why not take action?

Do you want to be sure that this course meets your wishes and learning needs? Or do you have other questions? Then call us or send us an email:

Annemarie Snoeck 06 5356 5718 /

Mayleen de Hoog  06 5025 5027 /


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