CELEBRATING (F)OUR DIFFERENCES!:Train-the-trainer program

This practical modular learning program covers 4 important themes that determine the vitality, agility, and developmental power of people within any organization:

  1. Mutual Understanding and Appreciation
  2. Diversity and Energy Sources
  3. Autonomy and Ownership
  4. Purpose and Meaning 


  1. Enable organizations to become self-reliant in developing, inspiring, motivating employees
  2. Structurally improving individual and collective growth and performance.
  3. Structurally reduce education- and training costs
  4. Attract and keep young talent on board


We train a group of selected employees within your organization to become trainers, coaches, mentors and/or ambassadors of the tailormade program. This is done with complete support and assistance of experienced trainers and coaches of the Academy, and also supported with peer-to-peer learning sessions, online learning modules and digital follow up programs that keep the fire burning through the year.


Train-the-trainer program: CELEBRATING (F)OUR DIFFERENCES!

Who: Organizations with 200 – 200,000 employees

Goal: Enable organizations to become self-reliant in developing, inspiring and motivating employees

Duration: Tailormade and depending on the level of knowledge and experience of the participants.

Group size: 8 to 16 participants depending on the module

Follow up:  Tailormade, peer-to-peer sessions, online learning modules

Investment: Depending on the number of employees of the organization, the costs for this complete learning program ranges between € 100.- and € 1,500.- per employee, per year excluding VAT.

INTERESTED in learning about the possibilities for your organization?

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Team development: The Code of Understanding – the guide to compassionate collaboration.

Over the years, the team training “The Code of Understanding”, has proven very effective as a program that instantly boosts communication and collaboration within teams. Participants take part in a light-hearted interactive program in which they learn and experience why and how irritations and misunderstandings arise, how they can be prevented and transformed. As a result everybody has a greater awareness and appreciation for differences and qualities that come with all sorts of behavior.

OAn eye opener for a lot of people is that we are not so much bothered by the behavior or communication of others but by our own judgement and opinions about them. Once people really understand this concept, there is room for growth. 

The unique 12-month digital follow up program provides a further deepening of insights. 

Team development training The Code of Understanding

Who: all teams, departments

Goal: sustainable improvement of communication, team spirit, and compassionate collaboration and thus better results.

Duration: 3-6 half days

Group Size: minimum 7, maximum 16 (simultaneous workshops are possible)

Follow up: a unique online program for 50 weeks

Result measuring (optional): before and after, via online research

Investment: starting at € 375.- excluding VAT per participant and location

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Team development workshop series: Diversity and People’s Energy Sources!

We believe that defining diversity as an even distribution of gender, age, and ethnic background is somewhat artificial. Which is why the Academy of Understanding developed a different model, which ensures optimization of individual and collective performance: The Diversity Matrix

The matrix contains forty energy sources that are essential for teams to be able to create maximum results for any kind of project and work together more successfully.

 When people are able to bring what they enjoy doing most to the table, they do it better, quicker, and more happily. By mapping out the energy sources per individual team member, a complete picture of the group’s potential is created. Understanding what specific qualities give individual people energy, helps to distribute tasks more effectively and to create collaboration based on what interests and inspires people. 

Workshop Series: Diversity and People’s Energy Sources!

Who: teams, departments, and whole organizations

Goal: optimize the use of existing diversity, the practical redefinition of teamwork and stimulating self-coaching

Duration: 2-4 half days

Group Size: minimum 8, maximum 16 (simultaneous trainings are possible)

Investment: Starting at € 245.- excluding VAT per participant

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The Energy Sourcing App is currently in development.

Leadership development: Leadership as a Gift

Many believe or experience that managing a diverse team is complex and difficult. This view radically changes after the inspiring and practical training “Leadership as a Gift”.

Participants broaden their understanding of what drives, motivates and hinders people in their work and collaboration with others. Participants learn how to coach and motivate people that have a different styles of communication and corresponding focuses. Participants learn how to work with the coaching principles of the renowned international Coach Federation. One of the trainers of this program is an ICF – Mentor Coach.

A unique 25 week digital follow up program ensures deeper understanding of what is taught in the training.

Leadership development: Leadership as a Gift

Who: management teams

Goal: increase leadership and coaching skills

Duration: 9 half days spread over 3 months. Extra time for homework: reading, coaching, evaluation approximately 12 hours

Group Size: minimum 7, maximum 12

Follow up: an exclusive digital program via email for 25 weeks 

Investment: starting at €1,695 per participant, excluding VAT, location and accommodation costs

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Communicating with a four-colored-pen: Master class for communication professionals (to be)

Your ability to express yourself in different communication moods determines whether people are receptive to the content of your message. People have different ideas of things they find important, appropriate, and pleasant in communication.  In this master class you learn how to use the so-to-speak four-colored-pen. You will practice how to use specific words, sentence structure, and argumentation to effectively deliver your message that is appealing to a wide range of people.

This one day master class is unanimously praised by communication professionals. Your own case study is the starting point. At the end of the session, we promise that you will master the art of writing with a four-colored-pen.

Master Class Communicating with a four-colored-pen!

Who: Communication professionals, communication professionals to be and teams that want to greatly improve the effectiveness of written and spoken communication.

Goal: increase the ability to communicate and deliver your message in the most effective way

Duration: 1 day

Group Size: minimum 6, maximum 12 (simultaneous trainings are possible)

Investment: starting at € 375.- excluding VAT per participant

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The coaches that are affiliated with the Academy of Understanding have different backgrounds and expertise. But we all have a common goal: creating space for new insights. Our approach is holistic with a focus on the positive, we like to keep it simple and work together towards your desired results. You are always in the driver seat leading the way. Our goal is to help you discover your own answers.

Both individual coaching or team coaching are possible. An informative phone call is free and non-binding. The Team page has more information about our coaches and their backgrounds.

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