10 years of the academy of understanding

human knowledge that makes all the difference

20 vision-expanding concepts thoughts that work. Reinforced by material from photographers from all over the world. This is Living = Art: art that silently contributes to an improvement of the living and learning climate at school. A modest investment, with great returns.

By being face-to-face almost daily with this Living = Art campaign, student’s ideas mature (consciously and unconsciously) and their views/thinking broadens naturally. It will create a breeding ground for new conversations, giving each other more room as well as room for more appreciation for mutual differences.

In addition, a learning experience with 30 mentor lessons is available. A program in which students in year 2, 3, and beyond gain deeper insights. All with the goal of improving mutual understanding and appreciation of differences, in the classroom and beyond.

The concept behind the Living = Art campaign were noted by the Academy of Understanding during 10 years of research, training, and publishing. They have a proven effect on thinking, state of mind, and view of yourself and the world. The series for 2020 contains 20 works, on material of excellent quality. If desired, some of the school’s employees can be trained in mentoring the Living = Art project. This training starts with 2 half day sessions and is followed by 2 more sessions within the first year. Participants learn everything about the backgrounds of the campaign, but also get inspiration about the many possibilities around setting up activities around Living = Art.


For who: for schools that want to positively influence the school environment in silence 

Materials: 20 pieces of art on durable material (90x135cm) 

Investment: €1,995 excluding tax

Additional: 30 mentor lessons for year 2 and 3. Training for project mentors

More Information: Evelyne Peeters – evelyne@begripsacademie.nl


Samenleven wordt stukken leuker en samenwerken stukken effectiever als we anderen beter begrijpen en zij ons. Wanneer onderlinge verschillen geen bron van ergernis en wantrouwen zijn maar van inspiratie, waardering en plezier.

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