We’re excited to get an opportunity to work with you!

In two and a half hours you will learn what the Code of Understanding is and what you can expect from our trainings and workshops. We promise you a morning, or afternoon  full of practical insights. Please feel free to invite any colleagues who are interested in personal, team, and leadership development. If you can arrange a location, we will come to you and provide you with this inspiring introduction. The costs for this workshop are € 495 excluding VAT (maximum number of participants is 16). This amount will be deducted from the invoice if you decide to continue to work with us.


If this sounds interesting, simply send us an email via this link 


Samenleven wordt stukken leuker en samenwerken stukken effectiever als we anderen beter begrijpen en zij ons. Wanneer onderlinge verschillen geen bron van ergernis en wantrouwen zijn maar van inspiratie, waardering en plezier.

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