10 years of the Academy of Understanding 

Human understanding makes all the difference

Improve  relationships, mutual trust, have more fun and create better results THANKS to our differencesWe train and coach people in organizations in compassionate leadership, communicating and collaborating. It works. Right away. And it continues to work in the long term

. Isn’t it about time?

Celebrating (F)our Differences!

Different ways of approaching work issues often result in all sorts of irritations and problems between people. As a result, we often disqualify people for being too dominant, too loud, too slow, too careful, etc. Unfortunately every form of exclusion comes with a price. For anyone concerned.
Experiencing this universal issue in small to global companies, we found the inspiration to develop the Code of Understanding in 2010. A simple, but highly effective set of tools and insights, helping people of all ages and backgrounds to build bridges instead of conflicts, to exchange annoyance for appreciation.
The Academy of Understanding provide trainings and workshops to all levels of organizations which help improve communication and compassionate collaboration.
We help restore and increase mutual trust, strengthen connections, expand possibilities, and improve results. Not despite, but THANKS to our differences.

Four Themes!

All of our programs work around four important themes:

  1. Mutual Understanding and Appreciation
  2. Meaning and Purpose
  3. Autonomy and Ownership
  4. Diversity and People’s Energy Sources

Together, they offer a great broadening of everyone’s palette of possible ways of looking, thinking, doing, listening, and communicating. An enrichment for yourself and for the people around you. Personal leadership and collective development in one.

The Celebrate (F)our Differences program is unique. Just like the results that are achieved with it

Four-voice options!

Different communication moods, different needs

The Academy of Understanding has a slightly different approach than most methods that interpret people’s behavior and communication. We don’t want to limit people and put them into boxes of ‘Red’ or Green’ or ‘INTJ’ or ‘a Plant’ etc..

All day long, we act and communicate in different ways in different situations with different people. Our research found that when people are in the same ‘communication mood’, they have similar preferences and irritations. You could say that each mood determines our ‘voice’ of thinking, acting, and communicating.

The more you understand and master the four-voice options, the more you will be able to achieve your goals, build trust and (self)confidence as well as strong relationships while having fun at the same time.

The Academy of Understanding

 we’re all about making people successful!

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